Aestelance Energy Leave-In Strengthener

Aestelance Energy Leave-In Strengthener

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For fine, limp or fragile hair

To energize fine, limp and damaged hair from the inside out. A combination of amino acids, proteins, intensive moisturizing substances, essential oils, toning trace elements and minerals impart inner resilience and outer strength.


Spray on towel-dried hair and leave-in. To keep your hair healthy, ask your ÆSTELANCE Specialist to recommend cleanse and design products that are right for your hair texture, condition and style. 

Key Ingredients:

Amino acid complex: adds structural strength. Gingko biloba: natural antioxidant. Copper and zink gluconate: restore inner resilience to the hair fiber.parsley and primrose extract:adds shine. essential oils: moisture retention, antiseptic quality fragrance