Best in class

OMG! Keena has been doing my hair for 10+ years,and there is no one like her.I had left a hairdresser that had over processed my hair and had me in the shop for 6+hrs.Keena is very efficient and personable.She has taken my hair from needing a relaxer every 6 weeks to barely needing a texturizer every 3-4 months. Amazing!!!  I have recomended her to at least 5 other people and they all love her work.

- Cheri


Trend Setter

"Keena is not just a stylist or hair care proffessional...She is much more than that. She is truly one of the most gifted artisians I have ever met. I have been going to Keena for what it seem forever, She has taught me how to properly care for my hair,and what I have learned I have passed on to others. I trust Keena completely and have a blast experimenting with cut, color and style. She is always ahead of the trends and really sets her own hair identity.Keena is truly a gem and I am lucky to have her on my beauty team."

- Nikki Swarn


A job well done... Top-rate!

"Getting my hair done by Keena has me walking out of her shop feeling and looking like a super model. I get compliments by both men and women on how my hair looks. As a black women with my own hair flowing down my back I can attribute to the great technique and work done by Keena and the fact she only uses the best products.I started using Keratin treatment when relaxers stop working and it has only strengthened my hair and made it grow like crazy. Keena is so great with color technique that I can walk in and say "do what you like" and walk out and it's perfect. That's why I have been going to her for years."

- Amy Williams