Aestelance Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner

Aestelance Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner

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For fine to medium hair

Light enough to leave hair feeling weightless, Hydrate gives fine hair greater elasticity, bounce & sheen. Aloe and herb extracts bring essential moisture to the hair and scalp. Silk proteins and color protection have been added to prevent color fade. 


Use on dry or wet hair. Spread a small amount in hands, work through the hair, comb and leave in. For very fine hair, rinse out lightly after 3 minutes. To keep your hair healthy, ask your ÆSTELANCE Specialist to recommend cleanse and design products that are right for your hair texture, condition and style. 

Key ingredients:

Silk Proteins: protects against heat styling, prevents color fade

Algae extract: moisturizing. Birch extract: boost sun protection. Citrus & ylang ylang oils: refreshing, soothing: peppermint oil: fragrance